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    Things to do in Colombo

    Colombo the capital of Sri Lanka, is a port city with a tapestried colonial heritage. Colombo is a melting pot of the many cultures of the island. Colombo city has a unique ambience, with beautiful ocean-view hotels, colonial style accommodation, shopping...

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    Standard Room - Balcony View

    A great place to stay in Colombo

    With an alluring culture and an international heritage, Sri Lanka‘s capital Colombo is quickly becoming one of Asia’s favourite and highly travelled-to destinations. Whether you are travelling here on a business trip, passing through, or just vacationing with...

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    Sri Lankan Cuisine

    The Best of Sri Lankan Cuisine

    Sri Lankan food is rich in flavour, healthy, spicy, and unique. Sri Lanka, the amazing little spice island also known as Ceylon in the past, has been visited by many international traders in throughout history, and they have left a little...

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